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and User Experience

Our Focus

At Befound Online, we focus on creating Digital Marketing Strategies that are customized to your business, helping you to meet and exceed your objectives to grow your business online.

Our user-centered design and marketing approach looks at the entire journey that your potential customers take online.

The four key stages that people take from consideration to conversion are simple to understand but difficult to define... but don't worry, our experience will help your business be found online.


How can you get your business in front of the right people, at the right time, on the right device? Creating a Digital Marketing Strategy that starts with Search is key…


Once a potential customer arrives on your website, have the landed on the right page? what is the first thing they see? what are you doing to convince them to stay and find out more?


In order to convert a potential customer online you have to provide them what they want, quickly. Help them overcome their objections and make it easy for them to complete their goals.


A happy customer is likely to tell their friends about an experience, or recommend you to others. If you provide them with a reason to, they will become your best advocates.

So, how do we do it?

Simple, it starts with a conversation! We talk to you... we ask questions, we listen, we learn about your business, we define your target market and uncover your objectives...

This allows us to create a custome Digital Marketing Strategy that works for your business, a solution that connects potential customers to you and helps you achieve, monitor and analyse your Goals to improve performance further over time.
"Digital Marketing comes in many different shapes and forms; and there is no one size fits all approach..."

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